Biography of 4K gaming Nepal |Pawan jung shahi thakauri | Family | Life style | monthly income | PUBG id | wife| social works |

Biography of 4K gaming Nepal |Pawan jung shahi thakauri | Family | Life style | monthly income | PUBG id | wife| social works |


Pawan Jung shahi thakaui


Putin don


26 August 1993


26 years




Laxmi shahi thakauri


streamer and comedian


Surkhet, Nepal


5.8 feet inches


Travelling & Gaming

Net worth

20 lakhs to 30 lakhs


1lakhs to 1.5 lakhs

Youtube channel

4k Gaming Nepal

Pubg Id


Free fire Id


About 4K Gaming Nepal

4k gaming Nepal is a very popular youtube channel among gamers and others people in Nepal. Pawan Jung shahi thakauri is the owner of this channel. more than 2560 videos are available on his channel. He is a social worker also. He has currently 904k subscribers in his channel. He is not only a gamer but also a very kind-hearted person and entertainer. The way he speaks is very pleasant.

Family And Lifestyle

4k was born in surkhet district of Nepal in a middle-class family. He completed his education in his village. At the age of just 16 years, he used to teach in a school for 2-3 years. Then after he studies the Korean language and went to Korea for a job. He works for 4-5 years. Then in Korea, he left his job and started to do a live stream. After some time, he comes to Nepal and continues to play PUBG mobile. Now he has a 904k plus subscribes in his channel. His wife's name is laxmee shahi thakauri.


Youtube is the main source of his income. He earns from AdSense, sponsorship, brand promoting, super chat, and many more. His monthly income is around 1 lakhs to 1.5 lakhs and his net worth is 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs.

Social Works

As we know that 4k is a very kind-hearted person. There is a lot of social work done by Pawan Jung shahi thakauri. A few days ago he conduct a charity live stream and donated 1.64 lakhs to the Mahabir fund. A few months ago he also denoted for Gautam Buddha Cricket Stadium.

All this information is collected from wiki and youtube. If I  have written anything unnecessary please message me or comment below. 

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