Top 5 Skills You Need To Learn During Lockdown

Top 5 Skills You Need To Learn During Lockdown

 Skills are the sequence to do a complex task in an easy and comfortable way. Skills enhance our knowledge. Skils make people different from others. A good skill person and to the work in a systematic manner. They know how to handle the situation if they have a good skills to deal with the problem. As it is lockdown people are staying in their homes. So it is the best time to learn something new which doesn't waste our time but maintains our CV strong.  It will help a lot in the future. We can learn different skills from youtube and google. So today in this article I will suggest five skills that you should learn during the time of the lockdown. 

1. Digital Marketing

   Digital Marketing is one of the most powerful things nows a day. Due to lockdown, people are doing all the things online, they are promoting their brands, product and also buy things online. So, it the best time to learn about digital marketing and to be a good digital marketer. you can also start up your own business also. You can learn it in a very short time if you have an interest in it. A lot of free courses are available on google and youtube. You can make a different website and promote your business. you don't need to hire someone to do it if you have this skill. Affiliate marketing can be done on a website like amazon and daraz. 

2. Photos and Video Editing 

   During Lockdown, you can utilize your free time to learn about photo and video editing. Nows days the demand for photo and video editors is increasing day by day. A good photo and video editor can earn good money also. We can also create our good image in front of our friends. A good photo editor is always busy editing photos but they didn't know we can also make good money by editing photos and videos. You can also do an online job also. Youtube is the best way to learn about photos and video editing. With this skill, you can sell your edited photos online also. There are different in which people are paying a high amount of money for a single photo and video. You can do freelancing jobs also. There are different websites on which you can do freelancing jobs. So learning doesn't waste your time but maintains your CV strong. 

3. Cooking

  It is very necessary to have good cooking knowledge. There are different people and students who are staying along to do jobs or to study. Asa due to lockdown they cannot go outside to eat food in the restaurants and hotels. If they have the cooking knowledge they can make them in their own room. They can maintain good hygiene also. As we know that lots of cooking videos are available on youtube. You can get good tips from youtube and google. It will help you a lot in your difficult period, as you can cook yourself. It will save you money because you have to pay a high amount of money for single money and they aren't hygienic.

4. Communication Skills

       It is the king of all skills. It is the most important skill in all kinds of jobs. People judge other people by seeking the way of speaking. It can be improved by a lot of practice. You can read lots of books magazines and try to speak clearly. It will help a lot to upgrade your business or jobs. A person with good communication is loved by all whereas the person, who hasn't the manner of speaking is being hated by all the people. These types of people can't get any success in their life. 

5. Blogging

Blogging is the best way to express our knowledge online. Writing a blog means helping other people online. It is one of the best online earning platforms It is the free platform provided by Google.  Nows a day's more people are interested in blogging. It is not so hard to start blogging, just you have to learn some basic things. You can learn blogging through youtube and google. By monetizing your blog you can must ads on your article and earn money by displaying ads.  

So these are the skills that you just need to learn during the time of lockdown. By learning these skills your valuable time doesn't waste but upgrade your CV.  So stay safe at home and learn these skills.

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